Westminster Manor
Luxury Homes
of Tampa Bay

Inspired by the ravenous Brooklyn Brownstones, Westminster Manor embodies the traditional structure, while transforming its luxury townhomes into ultra modern, contemporary dwellings.

The quality of construction and craftsmanship is unanimous with Westminster Manor’s agenda: to create the well-versed life that you deserve.  

Market Tampa Investments

Market Tampa Investments (MTI) is a full-service, private equity investment firm that specializes in acquiring, renovating, retailing, financing and developing real estate in Central Florida. MTI is part of an enterprise group that provides complementary services which allows the entire organization to take advantage of synergetic projects, share cost for back-end office support, and leverage economies of scale on material and services.

Founder and CEO Justin Savich established MTI in 2009, and has since worked with several of the largest single-family and multi-family institutional investors in the world. Justin is known for his creative visions of great design, fusing modern influences with timeless architecture. He has built a consistent track record successfully executing his ‘buy, build, sell, finance’motto in all of his real estate investment endeavors.

Peregrine Construction Group

With 34 years of construction experience in the Tampa Bay area, Peregrine Construction Group is a leading real estate development team offering expert design services. Peregrine’s knowledge and expertise allows them to offer superior design proficiency and an excellent end result, giving them the capability to help with the development and management of Westminster Manor Luxury Townhomes of Tampa.

CENTURY 21 Beggins

CENTURY 21 Beggins holds over 40 years of experience with several hundred of the most highly skilled agents in the real estate industry. CENTURY 21 Begins is the #1 selling CENTURY 21 company in the Southeastern USA in both units and sales volumes. The company guarantees the delivery of the “finest real estate experience,” and is eager to serve the Tampa Bay region!

Unwavering character and undeniable work ethic are the traits that make lead broker Matt Galster shine as a professional. Matt has built his business with a foundation that puts his clients’ needs above all else. When these qualities are obvious, repeat business becomes effortless. This is how good business practice breeds success. Century 21 Beggins provides a toolbox that no other broker can compete with. Through deep-seeded connections with builders, developers, and lenders, Beggins is truly a one stop shop for all your real estate needs. Matt welcomes questions about the company’s global reach, cutting edge devices, and single agency representation.

Simplicity Funding

Simplicity is the parent holding company for our enterprise group as well as one of our funding sources. Simplicity’s main objective is to provide creative financing solutions for businesses and individuals, as well as deliver cash infusions for startups, businesses or projects who have potential that often goes unnoticed by conventional lenders. With expertise in real estate, finance, banking, lending, franchising/licensing, insurance, retail, legal and more, Simplicity’s group of advisors understand how to confidently underwrite opportunity. They not only choose the best opportunities to invest capital, resources and time, but also can provide the best synergistic team to partner with to help grow the project. They also provide external and in-house assistance in their 24,000 square foot incubator located in Tampa, Florida.

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